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Select the Tent Size you need plus any Optional Items. All optional items will be additional priced out on your QUOTE. If you do not need any optional items, please select None.
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Navi-Trac’s precisely engineered construction, modular design, and channeled beams allow fabric panels to smoothly slide into place in a fraction of the time that it takes to assemble conventional frame tents, resulting in a smooth, weathertight  fit and maximum stability. Navi-Trac (Navi-Track) has a complete line of options and accessories that are as unique and flexible as the structure itself. Customize with pillowtop liners as well as brackets for hanging lights and decorations. Also available are clear top tent to make your event look & feel like a real green house.

Navi-Trac’s interchangeable design and spacious interior provide customers many options and unlimited lengths to create the look and feel their special event demands. Price does not include delivery.

Tent Sizes & Capacity lower number based on wedding layout & higher for seating only.

See Layouts Here

30’x30′ holds 60-90 guests

30’x40′ holds 70-110 guests

30’x45′ holds 90-130 guests

30’x60′ holds 120-180 guests

30’x75′ holds 170-220 guests

30’x90′ holds 175-270 guests

40’x40′ holds 100-160 guests

40’x60′ holds 140-240 guests

40’x80′ holds 160-320 guests

40’x100′ holds 180-400 guests

40’x120′ holds 200-480 guests

Pricing includes installation & additional lengths available.

Additional information


30' x 30', 30' x 40', 30 x 45', 30' x 60', 30' x 75', 30' x 90', 40' x 40', 40' x 60', 40' x 80', 40' x 100', 40' x 120'

Add-ons 2- Pricing Additional

None, Pillow Liner available on 30' & 40' wide, Clear Top Ceiling, Side Pole Drapery, Clear Sidewalls

Add-ons 3- Pricing Additional

None, Fans, Heaters, Dance Floor Best suited For Tent Size

Install Location

Grass, Concrete, Deck, Mix, Request FREE tent measure